Genuine Toyota Car Batteries

Toyota of Brookfield proudly uses Genuine Toyota True-2 & TrueStart Batteries! Genuine Toyota batteries provide the right combination of cold crank amps and reserve capacity approved by the Toyota engineers to meet Toyota's high reserve capacity requirements for a long battery life. Genuine Toyota car batteries start at $128.95!

Free Car Battery Test!

When you service your vehicle at Toyota of Brookfield, we will test your battery to ensure that it is in good condition. Contact us today to schedule your visit! (262) 671-3609

What are some warning signs that a battery needs to be replaced?
Car Battery FAQs

Corrosion around the battery terminals, a recent "jump-start", a sluggish crank, and a pause before the engine turns over can all be signs that a car battery may need replacing.

How long does the average car battery last?

A conventional car battery, called a wet cell lead-acid car battery, usually lasts between 3 and 5 years.

How can I tell if a battery is good or bad?

Car battery condition may be checked by load testing the battery or by using an electronic battery tester. We offer complimentary battery testing when you service your vehicle at Toyota of Brookfield. 

How should I dispose of my old car battery?

Car batteries contain lead and acid, which are both toxic, and should not simply be thrown away. It is recommended to recycle the old car battery at your retailer or service shop. Toyota of Brookfield accepts old batteries for recycling.

How much does a car battery cost?

At Toyota of Brookfield, our car batteries start at $128.95. Car battery prices will vary depending on the vehicle type, cold cranking ability, reserve capacity, warranty, and the type of battery.

Are car batteries dangerous?

Car batteries can be dangerous. They contain lead and acid. Also, when charging, car batteries release hydrogen gas. Caution should always be exercised whenever attempting to change or jump-starting a dead battery for this reason.

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